Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paint Can Cover All Sins

Our kitchen is finally finished. Well, for now. There are still things on the "dream" list but we have finally reached a good stopping point for the time being. Counter tops, a new back splash and a couple of upgraded appliances will come later.

Just a reminder of the "before"

And now, the "after"

We don't have a china cabinet so we turned the massive wall of cabinets into open shelving. I will eventually add cool graphic paper to the back of this cabinet.

What do you think? The back splash will eventually be either white glass subway tile, slate and white marble weave tile, or white bead board. The counter tops will be finished in either a black granite, gray/beige/white/black speckled granite or a lighter Silestone.

We opted to leave the cabinet doors off a few choice cabinets. This was done to open up the space a bit and because we just didn't need that much "behind-closed-doors" storage.

Our shiny new stainless-steel fridge that my folks gave us as a housewarming present. Thanks, guys!! It's amazing how new appliances instantly give your space an updated feeling.

Our coffee station - I usually don't like to leave stuff like this out on the counter but it was just too much of a hassle to drag it out everyday. I miss coffee... I will not miss these counters or this back splash. So brown.

Tomorrow's post will include a breakdown of all that we did in the kitchen along with a cabinet painting how-to guide. Is there anyone else out there who would like to see there cabinets in a new light?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Did everyone find lots of eggs?

Had to share this awesome cake that my mother-in-law brought to our house for Easter. She made it herself. Poor thing started to look kind of demonic as we hacked into its sweet face. It had to be done.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Total Basket Case

In honor of the fast-approaching Easter holiday it seemed appropriate to have a "basket" related post. Here is my question: Do people still picnic? I used to love picnics. There is just something about eating outside; on the ground. (Watch out for bears...in hats and neck ties.)

Unfortunately, BF and I don't have a picnic basket. They don't seem entirely necessary when you can just grab a delicious Whataburger and park your cookies on the ground with a perfect orange and white sack of yumminess. But in the case you want to be a little more proper and eat with silverware and BYOB a picnic basket is in order. Personally, a trough suits me just fine seeing as I'm four months pregnant and can't seem to eat enough. I digress. A picnic basket is not in my budget right now but after perusing Design Sponge this morning a bolt of inspiration slapped me in the face. That genius girl took an old suitcase and transformed it into a real live picnic basket.


This struck me because I happen to have an extra vintage suitcase that I found at an antique store in Corpus Christi last summer.

It no longer has a place to live but would be given a second (or third) life as my fancy dancy new picnic carry-all! I only have "before" pics for now but I will post the "after" soon. Ha, now you have to come back and visit me...

The best part about this little gem is the brand; Amelia Earhart. You can see it facing the wrong direction below.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Much Tube?

How many TVs do you have in your house? Do you have one in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, every room in the house?

We upgraded to a larger unit recently and now have a small second TV that needs a home. Right now it sits in the guest bedroom but I've always liked the idea of a set in the kitchen. Oh how nice it would be to watch The Food Network while cooking...not that I cook much. But maybe, just maybe, I would if Giada could walk me through it one ingredient at a time!

Here are a few examples of how you can add a TV to your kitchen without making your kitchen look like a media room. Although, as you will see, some of the options are odd...can we say TV in the fridge? Hmmm...

Putting the TV above the two sleek wall ovens creates a uniform line and camouflages the television. When the TV isn't on you probably don't want to see it.

traditional kitchen design by boston kitchen and bath Venegas and Company

This kitchen is lovely. I want it. Blue island, check; gorgeous light fixtures, check; fabulous back splash and pot filler, check; boob tube, check. This one is done nicely because it allows for easy upgrades in technology. We all remember the days of analog and the big switch to HD flat screens, what we should have learned from this is that it isn't always best to be "built-in." What I would recommend is what was done in this Olga Adler design - leave a cabinet open and add an outlet into the back of the cabinet. This design allows for you to change out your TV as you upgrade/update.

Zen Kitchen eclectic kitchen

This is another example of leaving a cabinet open for technology. I'm also drooling over the home organization in the cabinet below. Between the charging station, letter organizers and labels, I'm in Heaven. (This is what I would love to do when we eventually take out our teeny tiny wall oven) The only change that I would make would be to add fold-back cabinet doors.

If you're of the school of thought that only wants to see the TV when necessary maybe the flip down option is for you. They can be a bit smaller but can be a nice alternative.

Coffee Station with Drop down TV contemporary kitchen

Or there is always the option to hide a larger TV in your kitchen island. Weird? I think so, how would you watch a TV that low? Takes me back to the days of the cabinet TV.

Kitchens by Julie Williams Design traditional kitchen
traditional kitchen design by san francisco kitchen and bath Julie Williams Design

I guess if you're feeling retro you can just drop one of these bad boys into the middle of your kitchen and use it as an island. What are your thoughts on the matter? Are we over run by television or do we just embrace it?

He's the One

Over the past year I have shared a little bit about my adorable nephew, Owen. He is sweet, well-mannered, super smart and gorgeous. I'm not biased or anything, it is just the way things are. One can only hope that the little bun baking in my belly will be half as fun. It is crazy to me that he has only been with us a little over a year. He even makes a pin wheel look good.

My incredibly handsome brother and stunning sister-in-law joined forces to create what can only be the most beautiful child that I have yet to see (present company excluded, if you have a child).

I just had to share, we love little O. More on the house later.

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Honey

Just saw a super cute commercial from Sprint. They have a new campaign, "All. Together. Now." that allows you to wish Veatrice Hanson a happy 100th birthday, for free. Veatrice lives in Grain Valley, Missouri and Sprint is giving people the chance to give a perfect stranger birthday wishes from thousands of strangers.

You can see the commercial here. You can also email her at VeatriceH@gmail.com or text/call her at (816) 892-5407. Wouldn't you want a million wishes for your hundredth birthday?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wish I Were Here...

Austin Patterson Disston Architects traditional exterior
traditional exterior design by bridgeport architect Austin Patterson Disston Architects

This view paired with 85 degree weather and a glass of champagne sound like Heaven right now. At least two out of there of those options aren't totally out of the question. Midland, comfy couch and an adorable husband are even better.

Where would you go this weekend?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cleanest Room

At least I would like to believe that my laundry room is the cleanest in the house. It should be, right? The whole purpose of the laundry room is to get things clean. And since most people don't love to do laundry it should be a pleasant room that makes it a bit easier to spend time in there. Here is what our laundry room looked like when we moved in. Wish that I had a better picture...
Here it is now.

(Like how I still don't have a new switch plate?)

It's amazing how changing out some hardware and moving some cabinets around can totally change the look of a small room. The hardware was cheap and the labor (thanks to my hubs and brother-in-law) was free!

These are some of my design inspirations...a girl can dream.

(Courtesy of Design Sponge)

(Courtesy of House Tweaking)

(Courtesy of Wish.ca)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Master of My Domain

While the master bedroom still needs quite a few finishing touches I will go ahead and share our "before" and "progress" photos.

Here's the Before: Not bad but a little bland. The ceiling fan is definitely off-putting in this photo...so brown.

After: Or progress at least

The walls got the same color treatment as the guest bedroom. The carpet isn't our favorite thing ever but we made a budget decision to go ahead and keep it for as long as we can. It looks a wee bit brown next to the Chinchilla paint. Below you see the progression of the room that brought it to its current state.

We were able to use our DIY headboard from the loft. The nightstands still need to be refinished and we need closet doors but besides that it's finished for now.

We went a different decor direction with our current master. (No closet doors, yet.)
The Loft Master at our old place was a little more funky and bright since it was visible from our bright living room.

With a baby on the way I figured a room that was a bit more serene might be nice, but it is taking me a little while to get used to the subdued color palette. What do you like in a master suite? Bright and trendy or relaxing and mature?

We haven't even talked closets yet. My friends at The Container Store helped me design some killer Elfa closets and those were the first things to be installed in the house, by yours truly. They are such an improvement over the standard 6' wide single rod/shelf existing closets. In fact, they really deserve their own post.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dress the Bump

Remember the days when the pregnant lady uniform consisted of overalls and moo-moos with giant bows on them? Sadly, they were not that long ago. Lucky for us that are pregnant or will be pregnant in the coming years the fashion has drastically improved.


Here are some of my favorite knocked up couture.

( Maternitee Dress in Nautical Stripe by More of Me)

(Wrap Around Top by Isabella Oliver)

(Ruched Tank Dress by Isabella Oliver) I love this one! This is the kind of dress you wear when you want to pretend that you're as attractive as Sophia Vergara.

(Maternity Ruffled Halter Dress by Olian)

(Convertible Dress by Maternal America) This one is awesome and can be worn three or four different ways. I have a feeling that if I purchased this dress that I would not be able to figure out how to fashion it into any of these cute appropriate options. I would end up wrapping it around me like a toga and staple the edges.

(Citizens for Humanity "Kelly" Maternity Jeans in New Pacific Rinse)

(Michael Stars Maternity Ruched Top)

(Ella Moss Tunic for Pea in the Pod)

(Sleeveless Blouse by Rosie Pope)

(Striped Suit by Pea in the Pod) Love this swim suit. This shocks me, seeing as it is a one piece, but how cute is this?

(Teething Pendant by Smart Mom) This thing is genius. It is a non-toxic rubber pendant made to look like Jade that you wear like a necklace but that is at the ready for your baby to gum! Genius.

Most of these choices are a little pricey so I like to mix in basics from Target. You do what you have to do to not feel like a whale. In the end you have to feel beautiful because you are growing an entire human.