Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He's the One

Over the past year I have shared a little bit about my adorable nephew, Owen. He is sweet, well-mannered, super smart and gorgeous. I'm not biased or anything, it is just the way things are. One can only hope that the little bun baking in my belly will be half as fun. It is crazy to me that he has only been with us a little over a year. He even makes a pin wheel look good.

My incredibly handsome brother and stunning sister-in-law joined forces to create what can only be the most beautiful child that I have yet to see (present company excluded, if you have a child).

I just had to share, we love little O. More on the house later.


Jason said...

Thanks, sis! We love and can't wait to you meet your little baby boy-or-girl!

Leeanne said...

Thanks Aunt Lulu. Owen loves you too and we can't wait to see you and your bump in a week..woohoo!!

Eston said...

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