Thursday, April 21, 2011

Total Basket Case

In honor of the fast-approaching Easter holiday it seemed appropriate to have a "basket" related post. Here is my question: Do people still picnic? I used to love picnics. There is just something about eating outside; on the ground. (Watch out for hats and neck ties.)

Unfortunately, BF and I don't have a picnic basket. They don't seem entirely necessary when you can just grab a delicious Whataburger and park your cookies on the ground with a perfect orange and white sack of yumminess. But in the case you want to be a little more proper and eat with silverware and BYOB a picnic basket is in order. Personally, a trough suits me just fine seeing as I'm four months pregnant and can't seem to eat enough. I digress. A picnic basket is not in my budget right now but after perusing Design Sponge this morning a bolt of inspiration slapped me in the face. That genius girl took an old suitcase and transformed it into a real live picnic basket.


This struck me because I happen to have an extra vintage suitcase that I found at an antique store in Corpus Christi last summer.

It no longer has a place to live but would be given a second (or third) life as my fancy dancy new picnic carry-all! I only have "before" pics for now but I will post the "after" soon. Ha, now you have to come back and visit me...

The best part about this little gem is the brand; Amelia Earhart. You can see it facing the wrong direction below.

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