Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Message from Baby A

Here is an update on the baby front for those interested. We had our last sonogram yesterday and all is well in Babyville! Baby A currently weighs 4lbs 11oz and is on schedule for an October 5th delivery. She has been head down for a while and has been feeling quite punchy lately. I'm pretty sure she is doing some intense calisthenics or possibly Zumba, either way she is getting her cardio in each day.

She was not extremely cooperative for her last photo session but she gave us these couple of glimpses into her world.

The ladies in McKinney also threw me a lovely baby shower a couple of weekends ago. For those interested here you go!

Oh you know there was pie...

Sweet hostesses
Forgive me for how insanely excited I was about getting a Baby Bullet. I hope that it will bring baby A many delicious meals.

Beautiful sister-in-laws!

Adorable mini-Mexi dress from my precious mother-in-law

Thanks to everyone who came to the shower you made baby A feel loved and ready to make her grand appearance soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Planter Should be Spelled with an F

"F" for fun, that is. After much debate about what to do with our not too big but big enough to look empty porch, we bit the bullet and purchased some planters and plants. This sort of planting arrangement has always appealed to me but has intimidated me as well. Insert my dear friend, Alison. I copied her planter; with her permission of course.

Here is what we got: For those of you counting at home, the large planter contains a hanging basket of some sort of bloom (The Show-er), a Sweet Potato Vine (The Spiller), a tall spiky thing (The Grow-er) and a tiger-looking thing (The Filler). Do you like how I'm all technical like with my plant genes? I don't know plants so good.

The planters look like plaster but are actually its red-neck cousin, plastic. I enjoy this because they are much lighter and easier to move around for this eight month pregger. They were all purchased at Wal-Mart at a very reasonable price. Next I drilled holes in the bottom of each planter and added a bunch of wadded up window screen for drainage purposes. This also prevents root rot. All I had to do after that was stick the plants in the dirt and water liberally.

Voila! We look like grown-ups. We got planters.