Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Master of My Domain

While the master bedroom still needs quite a few finishing touches I will go ahead and share our "before" and "progress" photos.

Here's the Before: Not bad but a little bland. The ceiling fan is definitely off-putting in this photo...so brown.

After: Or progress at least

The walls got the same color treatment as the guest bedroom. The carpet isn't our favorite thing ever but we made a budget decision to go ahead and keep it for as long as we can. It looks a wee bit brown next to the Chinchilla paint. Below you see the progression of the room that brought it to its current state.

We were able to use our DIY headboard from the loft. The nightstands still need to be refinished and we need closet doors but besides that it's finished for now.

We went a different decor direction with our current master. (No closet doors, yet.)
The Loft Master at our old place was a little more funky and bright since it was visible from our bright living room.

With a baby on the way I figured a room that was a bit more serene might be nice, but it is taking me a little while to get used to the subdued color palette. What do you like in a master suite? Bright and trendy or relaxing and mature?

We haven't even talked closets yet. My friends at The Container Store helped me design some killer Elfa closets and those were the first things to be installed in the house, by yours truly. They are such an improvement over the standard 6' wide single rod/shelf existing closets. In fact, they really deserve their own post.

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