Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paint Can Cover All Sins

Our kitchen is finally finished. Well, for now. There are still things on the "dream" list but we have finally reached a good stopping point for the time being. Counter tops, a new back splash and a couple of upgraded appliances will come later.

Just a reminder of the "before"

And now, the "after"

We don't have a china cabinet so we turned the massive wall of cabinets into open shelving. I will eventually add cool graphic paper to the back of this cabinet.

What do you think? The back splash will eventually be either white glass subway tile, slate and white marble weave tile, or white bead board. The counter tops will be finished in either a black granite, gray/beige/white/black speckled granite or a lighter Silestone.

We opted to leave the cabinet doors off a few choice cabinets. This was done to open up the space a bit and because we just didn't need that much "behind-closed-doors" storage.

Our shiny new stainless-steel fridge that my folks gave us as a housewarming present. Thanks, guys!! It's amazing how new appliances instantly give your space an updated feeling.

Our coffee station - I usually don't like to leave stuff like this out on the counter but it was just too much of a hassle to drag it out everyday. I miss coffee... I will not miss these counters or this back splash. So brown.

Tomorrow's post will include a breakdown of all that we did in the kitchen along with a cabinet painting how-to guide. Is there anyone else out there who would like to see there cabinets in a new light?


Sara Williams said...

LOVE it! Great work. Now come back here and help me with our new house!! Have you been to houzz.com? You'll love it!!!

Lauren said...

Thank you! I love Houzz, I stumbled across it a couple of years ago and now have a few dozen idea books! It will happily suck up half a day.