Saturday, October 10, 2009

The View

From my flight to Atlanta...

That's not the sky, it's an engine.

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It Gives You Wings

Last night BF and I attended the Red Bull Art of Can preview gala at Union Station. Artists and amateurs from all over the world submited art made out of or inspired by Red Bull cans.

The trouble is I don't know what was more interesting, the art or the people there. The event was "cocktail attire" and let me tell you that you could definitely see some tails hanging out.

Me trying to not look obvious while people watching.

BF looking dashing, as always.

Now, on to the art!

For Halloween.

The art of glass blowing "blows" my mind. This bull was blown around a Red Bull can.


This bird was one of my favorites. Each feather wa cut out individually from drink cans.

These wings were beautiful and amazingly detailed. Each feather was pressed using the blunt end of a paint brush to make the fine lines.

Leg lamp...

Fragile, it must be Italian.

This larger than life-sized bull was created by an 18 year old boy named, Ethan, from Indiana.

The inside was formed from pool noodles, Christmas ornaments and a bar stool. It weighs 150 lbs and was brought to Washington in a 16' trailer.

The guy who won second place was a cool old hippy. "Thanks for finally doing something with cans, man," was the bulk of his acceptance speech.

The after party was held at K Street Lounge. We didn't stay long but I did practice safe back seat driving on the way home.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Swinging in the City

This is one sight that you probably won't find in the burbs. Get your heads out of the gutters, kids, I'm not talking about that kind of swinging...

On my way to Chinatown the other day, I saw this:

The NY Trapeze School has set up shop in a huge parking lot in the heart of DC.

Can you see that little lady flying around?

What is the strangest thing that you have seen in the city or your town?

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Bunny Trail

All over Logan Circle you can find little pink and blue bunny decals posted on telephone boxes. Here are a few that I have collected.

14th and Rhodes Island

14th and Q Street

13th and R Street

14th and T Street

And there more out there.

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