Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Much Tube?

How many TVs do you have in your house? Do you have one in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, every room in the house?

We upgraded to a larger unit recently and now have a small second TV that needs a home. Right now it sits in the guest bedroom but I've always liked the idea of a set in the kitchen. Oh how nice it would be to watch The Food Network while cooking...not that I cook much. But maybe, just maybe, I would if Giada could walk me through it one ingredient at a time!

Here are a few examples of how you can add a TV to your kitchen without making your kitchen look like a media room. Although, as you will see, some of the options are odd...can we say TV in the fridge? Hmmm...

Putting the TV above the two sleek wall ovens creates a uniform line and camouflages the television. When the TV isn't on you probably don't want to see it.

traditional kitchen design by boston kitchen and bath Venegas and Company

This kitchen is lovely. I want it. Blue island, check; gorgeous light fixtures, check; fabulous back splash and pot filler, check; boob tube, check. This one is done nicely because it allows for easy upgrades in technology. We all remember the days of analog and the big switch to HD flat screens, what we should have learned from this is that it isn't always best to be "built-in." What I would recommend is what was done in this Olga Adler design - leave a cabinet open and add an outlet into the back of the cabinet. This design allows for you to change out your TV as you upgrade/update.

Zen Kitchen eclectic kitchen

This is another example of leaving a cabinet open for technology. I'm also drooling over the home organization in the cabinet below. Between the charging station, letter organizers and labels, I'm in Heaven. (This is what I would love to do when we eventually take out our teeny tiny wall oven) The only change that I would make would be to add fold-back cabinet doors.

If you're of the school of thought that only wants to see the TV when necessary maybe the flip down option is for you. They can be a bit smaller but can be a nice alternative.

Coffee Station with Drop down TV contemporary kitchen

Or there is always the option to hide a larger TV in your kitchen island. Weird? I think so, how would you watch a TV that low? Takes me back to the days of the cabinet TV.

Kitchens by Julie Williams Design traditional kitchen
traditional kitchen design by san francisco kitchen and bath Julie Williams Design

I guess if you're feeling retro you can just drop one of these bad boys into the middle of your kitchen and use it as an island. What are your thoughts on the matter? Are we over run by television or do we just embrace it?


Unknown said...

You have a very interesting blog here; however, you shouldn't put too much stock in my blog analysis since this is probably only the third or fourth blog I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, it turns out that even typing the word "blog" makes me feel odd for some reason.

Either way, you have some good stuff here, and the world could use more optimistic/dedicated/motivated people like yourself. Good job, Lauren!

Why is some random dude from half way across the U.S. (Good ol' DC) reading/commenting on your blog (there it was again), you ask?


Lauren said...

Hey, thanks! Any Washingtonian is alright with me. We left DC a little over a year ago - five great years and we miss it. Keep it real and get yourself some sliders from Matchbox for me!

Eston said...

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