Friday, August 28, 2009


You got to love them.

The way they smell. So sweet.

The sense of wonder on their litlle faces as they take in the world around them. Including their own feet and hands.

How they squirm with joy when you blow raspberries in their little bellies.

My precious friend shared her wee ones with me today. We had monkeys in our pants. At least that is what I'm told.

We also went to THE best fabric store in Ft. Worth.

Am loving this Ikat from Laura Ashley. Who knew?

Look how happy baby bjorn is in his little chest sack.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Waco's Finest"

Seriously. This "car" pulled up next to me.

Sparkle Prince purple finish Cadillac
Gold rag top
Chrome dubs
Chuckie doll hanging from rear window
Gold horns on the grill
Gold "male parts" hanging from the back

This car would not be complete without the "Waco's Finest" emblazoned on the back in gold lettering.

There are one if two explanations:

Either this gentleman works for the Waco PD or he is truly the finest human that Waco could produce and wanted to proclaim to everyone north of Baylor country.

You decide.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Top of the Heap

Last week my brother and sis-in-law put together a gaggle of cool kids to venture out to Top Golf. You say you have never been??

Let me tell you friend, it is fun times. It is the snappy casual cousin to traditional golf. You won't find kakhi pants and soft spikes here. No, sir. Wear your flippity floppities, tank tops and drinking pants.

Waitresses supply scrumptious bar-type food and frosty brews while you play crazy games like chipin' dip.

Here is the run down of how it works. You sign up with the folks inside and they issue a credit card looking thing that you insert to the ball machine for a bucket of balls. Each ball ha a wee micro chip in it that is now marked with your name.

After you scope out a hot spot stall to hit from you choose your game of choice and step up yo bat. Wrong sport.

When it's your turn you run your balls through a little machine to register that you are hitting. Then when you hit at the targets the screen gives you points for accuracy.

Fun times, go get them!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flower Power?

Cars seen in the last couple of weeks.

I personally liked the jeep. The flower decal went all the way around, including the grill.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Perfect Setting

A glass of wine, a comfy chair and a view of the golf course at dusk.

The only thing missing is BF.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mid City Corridor Tour

Last week FOL saw quite a bit of what I like to call the Mid City Corridor, or 14th Street. Let me break it down for the kids. "My name is BF, and I'm going to be your tour guide."

Tuesday: The Gibson- a speak easy of sassy proprtions followed by jumbo slice from Manny and Olga's.

Wednesday: Marvin- cool beer garden and would give my left hand for them, fried chicken and waffles ( I know what your thinking, why not the right hand? Well, I'm right handed and it would be super inconvenient to try to learn how to write with my left.)

Thursday: Chey Chey's Ice Cream- they aren't fooling me. Just because they took down the Maggie Moos sign and put up a piece of paper with a made up name does not make them cool but the amazing ice cream does! See how excited Amanda is?

Friday: BBQ at the neighbors. It isn't a 14th Street restaurant but it is the best food on 13th Street.

Saturday: Mid City Cafe- we covered this on Saturday.

We then checked out all the cool resale shops, you can always find cool furniture and just general junk.

After all the walking around we were ready for growns up lemonade at St. Ex. It is a cool neighborhood bar with a sweet vintage aviation theme.

Next, was more window shopping at the new vintage clothing store, Treasury and cool kid Rue 14.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Again

This morning BF sweetly carted me to the airport bright and early. He deposited me at the airport and sent me home to the great state of Texas.

Texas is home. Texas is family. Texas, and its residence can be intriguingly weird.

What? We think we're awesome. Jealous?

Photos Courtesy of the coolest photog in DFW - Elle Fusch

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mid-City Love

On the eleventh or twelfth day the Lord created Mid City Cafe and it was good. BF and I stumbled upon ( thank you, Daily Candy) this new sweet spot in Logan Circle this morning. Right now. Shh...don't spook him.

Mid City Cafe just opened it's doors for the first time this morning. Sit and stay a while at the retro looking counters that line the second story windows and watch the 14th Street traffic whiz by.

Ever since I returned from my tour of Italy in February I have been on the hunt for a true authentic tasting cappacino. Let me tell you that you can find one here at Mid City. Just look at the majestic beauty of the foam.

That is the work of a master barista, kids. The kind that doesn't wear a green hat and black apron while judging you for ordering a "small" instead of a "tall."

Hope ya'll are starting your Saturday with a delicious drink. Shoot, throw in a piece of coffee cake too. You deserve it for reading this blog.

Do share, what and where is your favorite Saturday morning- or early afternoon in our case- cafe?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

A BIG Announcement

This morning I was greeted by an email from one of my all-time favorite people in the world, my big brother. He is creative, athletic, charming and oh so handsome. Sorry ladies, he is also oh so taken by my insanely gorgeous sister-in-law.

(Isn't this photo beautiful? Our photographer was Elle Fusch, check out her blog.)

Back to the email. Drumroll please...tdddddddrrrrrr, crash! Here it is.

BF and I are going to be an auntie and uncle! Can't wait to spoil this little punk. This incredibly hilarious poster was designed by none other than the baby's daddy, J. Check out his work here,

"I'm your aunt Monica...and I will always have gum."
- name that quote

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gaye Food

This has been a good week for food in the FOL household. It started off with Monday night not-world-famous enchiladas. So good. But I can't take full credit for them because the recipe is from America's Test Kitchen. ATS is my all time favorite spot for recipes because they tell you what can possibly go wrong and how to prevent it. Enchiladas...drool.

Tuesday night was cocktails at The Gibson. Delicious, yes. Food, no. Thank goodness for jumbo slices from the pizza place down the road. For late night jumbo in Logan Circle head to the pizza joint next door to Source Theater at 14th Street and T.

Last night was birthday night for the BF so I treated him to Marvin Fried Chicken and Waffles. Voted best in D.C. Marvin was named as a tribute to Marvin Gaye who grew up in the Shaw neighborhood. It is a super cool spot next door to the super swank Gibson. Marvin has one of the best roof top decks in D.C. and we had been anxiously waiting for the crowds to die down to check it out. We had also heard about the afore mentioned fried chicken and waffles. BF has had this southern treat at three other Washington eateries and was ready to put Marvin to the taste test.

Not actual dish at Marvin, but from Wikipedia. Didn't want to be the nerd photographing my food.

Success! The fc w/ waffle comes on a bed of collard greens that are out of this world. Based on my past experiences with the wilty green leaves I was none too excited to try them out last night. But hold on to your pants because Marvin does good collard greens. None of that bitter aftertaste that you find elsewhere. This was the real deal, kiddos.

I had the apple bacon mussles served with a toothsome cyclone of "frites." Mama, it was good. Who knew a creature served in its own home could be so finger licking good? Dinner was followed up by an ambrosial apple cheddar pie served with salted caramel icecream.

If you're in D.C. head out to Marvin at the corner of 14th and U Street. Anyone else been anywhere good lately? Anyone try a new unexpected dish this week?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Speak Easy at The Gibson

Cheers! For today is the BF's birthday...


Pardon the shout out. Last night we met some friends at one of the coolest places along the U Street Corridor for BF's big day. You won't find a sign out front but behind a very plain looking grey facade and door you will find the best cocktails around. If you're going on the weekend you better make a reservation early, otherwise it is sidewalk loitering for at least two hours.

The fact that it was Tuesday didn't stop people from filing into The Gibson; with reservations, of course. When you arrive you will find a buzzer next to the unmarked door that has a tiny "The Gibson" label. Push the button go inside and wait in the hall until the Host opens the door to find out if you are cool enough to come chill and be chilled.

We were sat in the coolest little booth. No, not so much a booth but a wee room. It enveloped our group in black bead board, gold ceiling and dim mercury lighting. Our waitress was Melanie and she helped make the evening one to remember. Super cool and super tatted she led us on a journey of old-timer cocktails. There is no ordering a vodka tonic in this joint. I had a "Harvard of the Beltway" and the beyond words "Silver Lilly." Go try them. Now.

Be prepared to pay, because this ain't your average bear. I mean bar. You are paying for the experience of the cocktail mixers, the ambiance and the ingredients. Bring a posse that you enjoy because The Gibson doesn't rush drink orders. Some of the concoctions have up to 8 ingredients and much time and love is spent on each drink. Go, relax, converse with your friends and loved one and enjoy the experience of one fine cocktail. Or two. I chose two.

The kitchen will be closed for a couple of weeks but don't let that detour you. Do as we say and do and follow up your pricey libations with jumbo slice down at 14th and T.

Anyone else ever been to a speak easy? Honestly, I didn't know they really existed outside of abolitionist era NY.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Chapter

For the past year it has been my honor to serve at the US Agency for International Development. We are otherwise known as USAID, not to be confused with USAIDS. The agency does work on HIV/AIDS issues but lots of other stuff too.

After serving under both the Bush and the Obama Administration I'm leaving the agency. In the months leading up to the wedding I will be living in the Lone Star state, praise the Lord.

There is much to do in preparation for my, albeit temporary, departure from DC. Forgive me if I don't post for a bit. Once I get settled ya'll will be the first to know. Maybe some new material?

Stay tuned, kiddos.

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Who knew that it would take an arsenal of transports just to get from Washington, DC to Tulsa, OK. BF and I headed to "Native America" last week for a family event.

All in one day I managed to take SIX different forms of transportation. Seriously. If transportation styles were a deck of cards I would have had a full house or a straight. I don't play poker but there was something there and I bet if I was playing in Vegas I would be coming home with a Camaro...

Starting Thursday morning I hopped on the public bus to get to work. After work I headed to the D.C. Metro (the Tube or Subway to you non-Washingtonians) en route to Union Station. From Union Station I took a Marc train to Baltimore. Once off the platform I headed to catch a shuttle to BWI Airport.
Time to get off the ground! USAirways provided a delightful flight from Baltimore to Charlotte, NC. USAirways provided a second less pleasant flight (50 kids under 8 and no A/C, come on now) to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport. But don't put on your jammies and call it a day just yet, kiddos. At the Terminal E curbside I was snatched up by my future-in-laws in a snazzy SUV.

Tulsa, USA here we come! On the last leg of the journey I could sit and watch the sorry signage of southern Oklahoma business roll by on the four hour drive to our final destination. Apparently at Bob's liquor you can get topless service on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mark your calendars. Or not. I prefer not.

All of this was followed up by a trip back to Dallas the following day. And if you think the only form of transport that I missed was by sea, I got you there too. Was on a boat on Sunday - Zing!

Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Jeans

Who could ask for anything more than good genes and good jeans? But the good news is that even if you don't have perfect DNA like Angelina Jolie, the right pair of denim can make all of the difference.

We have talked about jeans before, remember these ladies and their even sweeter "mom" jeans? Well, no more! is offering another giveaway via Paula at Two Ellie. They are Current Elliot Jeans and retail for $237. That's a lot of clams, people.

To enter to win just pay Two Ellie a visit and comment on the "Giveaway" post. Paula will be announcing the winner on Friday morning. Good luck!

What do you think of the destressed skinny look? Fad or fab?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Image Courtesy of