Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Who knew that it would take an arsenal of transports just to get from Washington, DC to Tulsa, OK. BF and I headed to "Native America" last week for a family event.

All in one day I managed to take SIX different forms of transportation. Seriously. If transportation styles were a deck of cards I would have had a full house or a straight. I don't play poker but there was something there and I bet if I was playing in Vegas I would be coming home with a Camaro...

Starting Thursday morning I hopped on the public bus to get to work. After work I headed to the D.C. Metro (the Tube or Subway to you non-Washingtonians) en route to Union Station. From Union Station I took a Marc train to Baltimore. Once off the platform I headed to catch a shuttle to BWI Airport.
Time to get off the ground! USAirways provided a delightful flight from Baltimore to Charlotte, NC. USAirways provided a second less pleasant flight (50 kids under 8 and no A/C, come on now) to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport. But don't put on your jammies and call it a day just yet, kiddos. At the Terminal E curbside I was snatched up by my future-in-laws in a snazzy SUV.

Tulsa, USA here we come! On the last leg of the journey I could sit and watch the sorry signage of southern Oklahoma business roll by on the four hour drive to our final destination. Apparently at Bob's liquor you can get topless service on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mark your calendars. Or not. I prefer not.

All of this was followed up by a trip back to Dallas the following day. And if you think the only form of transport that I missed was by sea, I got you there too. Was on a boat on Sunday - Zing!

Pictures to follow.

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