Monday, August 24, 2009

Top of the Heap

Last week my brother and sis-in-law put together a gaggle of cool kids to venture out to Top Golf. You say you have never been??

Let me tell you friend, it is fun times. It is the snappy casual cousin to traditional golf. You won't find kakhi pants and soft spikes here. No, sir. Wear your flippity floppities, tank tops and drinking pants.

Waitresses supply scrumptious bar-type food and frosty brews while you play crazy games like chipin' dip.

Here is the run down of how it works. You sign up with the folks inside and they issue a credit card looking thing that you insert to the ball machine for a bucket of balls. Each ball ha a wee micro chip in it that is now marked with your name.

After you scope out a hot spot stall to hit from you choose your game of choice and step up yo bat. Wrong sport.

When it's your turn you run your balls through a little machine to register that you are hitting. Then when you hit at the targets the screen gives you points for accuracy.

Fun times, go get them!

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