Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Speak Easy at The Gibson

Cheers! For today is the BF's birthday...


Pardon the shout out. Last night we met some friends at one of the coolest places along the U Street Corridor for BF's big day. You won't find a sign out front but behind a very plain looking grey facade and door you will find the best cocktails around. If you're going on the weekend you better make a reservation early, otherwise it is sidewalk loitering for at least two hours.

The fact that it was Tuesday didn't stop people from filing into The Gibson; with reservations, of course. When you arrive you will find a buzzer next to the unmarked door that has a tiny "The Gibson" label. Push the button go inside and wait in the hall until the Host opens the door to find out if you are cool enough to come chill and be chilled.

We were sat in the coolest little booth. No, not so much a booth but a wee room. It enveloped our group in black bead board, gold ceiling and dim mercury lighting. Our waitress was Melanie and she helped make the evening one to remember. Super cool and super tatted she led us on a journey of old-timer cocktails. There is no ordering a vodka tonic in this joint. I had a "Harvard of the Beltway" and the beyond words "Silver Lilly." Go try them. Now.

Be prepared to pay, because this ain't your average bear. I mean bar. You are paying for the experience of the cocktail mixers, the ambiance and the ingredients. Bring a posse that you enjoy because The Gibson doesn't rush drink orders. Some of the concoctions have up to 8 ingredients and much time and love is spent on each drink. Go, relax, converse with your friends and loved one and enjoy the experience of one fine cocktail. Or two. I chose two.

The kitchen will be closed for a couple of weeks but don't let that detour you. Do as we say and do and follow up your pricey libations with jumbo slice down at 14th and T.

Anyone else ever been to a speak easy? Honestly, I didn't know they really existed outside of abolitionist era NY.

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