Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Curtains for You

And it's curtains for my living/dining and family rooms. Our formal living/dining room has a large picture window that faces out of the front of the house, putting us on display for the neighborhoods distress or disturbing pleasure.

We didn't want to fork over the cash for Levolor blinds to match the rest of the house so we went with funky Ikea polk-a-dot panels and sheers. Sorry sweet neighbors no more free shows, but please enjoy the view of our funky drapes.

I did a happy dance when I found these Umbra double-hang rods at Bed Bath & Beyond for a super steal at $24.99. That is a pretty stunning price for rods that are over 120". "Huzzah," I said to myself (out loud)! The rods were easy to install, you can see me demonstrate here, from when I installed the same curtain rod in the nursery. The curtains and sheers all came from our Swedish friends at Ikea and where purchased by my God Mama and actual Mama. Thank you!

Next, I moved about 30 feet across the house to the family room where we had an even larger window that was creepy at night. The TV would reflect in the glass after dark making it look as though there were strangers bouncing around the backyard. I'm not totally happy with the way that it turned out but it is a vast improvement. We'll fix it later (much later).

The challenge came when I realized that the family room window was not the same size as the living/dining room window, which I thought they were. Thank goodness I had made a trip to Tuesday Morning and found a longer single rod. It was great because it was long enough but it was not a double-hang rod, nerds. This was problematic due to the fact that this window needed sheers to close for privacy in the evenings, going back to the disturbing reflections we talked about earlier. I didn't have an extra rod for the sheers so I went ahead and hung the curtains and sheers together on the same rod. The brackets block the sheers from closing; this is what needs to be fixed. Long, long story short, here they are for now!

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