Monday, June 6, 2011

Land of Nod

We are happy to announce that the Dorffette's nursery is continuing to progress. In case you would like to catch up you can see where we started here. Hooray! There are a couple of missing components but it is progressing none-the-less. Take a peek at where we are right now and let me know how you think we are doing thus far.


Here is a refresher of what the room looked like before...insert shudder.

You can see we got the crib assembled. LOVE this crib. I lurv it so much that it requires further praise in its own post.

Above the crib we hung our DIY project that I showed you last week. I love that poodle; I call her "Francis."

We finished painting the armoire and washstand (aka changing table). I think that they turned out great. Although, has anyone else ever had a near impossible time finding a real true-black paint? The washstand was supposed to be high-gloss black. Like black, black. However, it didn't matter that I tried really hard to get a super black paint because when the washstand dried it was sure as silk, charcoal grey. C'est la vie. I kind of like it.

Until we discovered the date of the washstand I had thought about replacing the hardware, but they are unique and from 1850 so they stay.

Here is what we have left to do prior to baby girl's grand entrance into the world:
  • Swivel/rocker chair and ottoman (already ordered and anxiously awaiting there arrival!)
  • Cool side table, something along these lines...
  • Paint the closet doors - yes, we do have closet doors we aren't weirdos that like to stare at all of our clothes when bored. Or are we?
  • Baby bedding - sweet Auntie J is in the process of sewing all of our custom bedding, thank you!!!
  • Changing pad for washstand
  • Replace ceiling fan with wicked cool light fixture
  • Hang shelf and install new wood blinds
  • Pick-up floor lamp from my folks' house
All in all, I think that we are doing really well. I'm now 23 weeks along and am getting more tired by the day. This is pretty much the last room in our house that needs finishing (with the exception of the garage) which makes me smile grandly.

How are your projects going? Anyone else out there working on a nursery? Let me hear from you!


Cathy Seely said...

Everything looks amazing! Love how the armoire turned out...great color choice!

Leeanne said...

It looks so good, can't wait to see it in person...with a baby in it!!

Wynne & Stephen said...

you've really done a GREAT job lauren! it looks so good!!! can't wait for you to help me with camp's closet and room eventually ;)