Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let There Be Light and Other Updates

The Dorffette's nursery is slowly making its way to being a complete nursery. Last week the Hubs took down the ceiling fan that had been hanging in nursery and moved it to our bedroom, as our fan decided to break during the week of 112 degree temps. In its place he masterfully hung this glorious Maskros light fixture from Ikea, seen here in the the closet...where it has lived for nearly a month.


The assembly required looked daunting at first sight but it was really easy. For only $49 it could have been even harder to assemble and would have been worth it.

I love this light installation so much that it makes me wiggle inside. There were doubts about taking away the ceiling fan which is commonly a baby mesmerizer but the cool flower shadows that this light casts on the ceiling and walls at night is sure to please the little one. It pleases this not so little one to no end!


We also got the new Levolor blinds installed on the windows as well. Hooray for productivity and power drills! Thanks to JcPenney "Power Hours" we got over $1,200 worth of custom blinds for only $350. It sounds cheesy but check their circulars in the Sunday paper, it can save you oodles. If you haven't shopped JcP in a while you need to check it out.

Another tedious task that I had been putting off was to line the drawers of our super fun and super refurbished furniture. It took a bit of time but it adds a pop of color that makes me smile when I open the drawers. It's like finding a surprise. Sort of like that last piece of gum in the packet that you thought was empty hidden in the bottom of your purse.




Those are all of the updates for now. Here is what we lack:
  • Bedding - being made by sweet Auntie
  • Chair and ottoman - ordered and waiting delivery
  • Side table - still shopping for a deal
  • Floor lamp - sitting at parents' house in Dallas
  • Changing pad - sitting at parents' house in Dallas
Keep checking in for more updates, we are having a blast!


Jordy Liz said...

so cute! congrats to you and michael. i am his cousin down the line - my mom is barbara's first cousin.

Lauren said...

Well howdy! It is so good to hear from you. Love your picture!