Wednesday, September 21, 2011

They Were Framed!

If you missed it, earlier today I posted a little DIY project that I completed yesterday.  I was curious to see if any of you out there in the blog-o-sphere have been up to any crafty business yourselves and I received a response!  It is from my very own mama and she did a bang up job of expanding the visual space above her wine cabinet.

She started with the adorable canvas of my brother and nephew.  It has hung in this spot for a while now but just wasn't quite big enough in relation to its surroundings.  To solve this problem Mama hit up her local thrift store and found this solid oak frame for $3.50 and bought a can of black spray paint for $3.  She then hung it around the existing canvas and voila!  

You might remember the post from a couple of years ago that Mama is quite crafty spray paint and thrifted picture frames. 

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