Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reading Rainbow

The Hubs has the neatest collection books from the series "Redwall" by Brian Jacques.  There are 34 books in the series and we have 14 of them.  We want Baby A to have them to grow up with so we bequeathed them to her and her nursery.  You can see them here:

Being the neurotic mama-to-be/design obsessed woman that I am the book jackets just weren't doing it for me in the context of the nursery.  My first attempt and making them over was to simply take the jackets off.  Alas, all of the book spines are red and I was not feeling 14 spines of red.  Luckily, a solution was found and executed yesterday.

After a quick field trip to Michaels for paper and wrapping I was ready to start the process.  It was all pretty easy.  The largest scrapbook paper that I could find was 12"x12" and didn't quite cover the book so I purchased some white matte wrapping paper to cover the books.  

After cutting out 14 white book covers I trimmed the scrapbook paper to size and secured them to the white book covers with double-sided tape.  A silver paint Sharpie was used to write the title on the cover.  I'm still debating about adding the title to the spine as well but I kind of like the simplicity of the monochrome rainbow right now.

Have any of you been crafty lately?

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Cathy Seely said...

As a matter of fact, I have been crafty as of late! I thought the picture of J & O that's above the credenza needed a little something.The picture is a 12"x16" stretched canvas. I didn't want to frame it in the traditional sense, but felt it was "lost" on the wall. So I went to a thrift shop and bought a 26"x20" oak frame for $3.50. I removed the poster print & then lightly sanded the frame & spray painted it glossy black. I hung the frame over the canvas-I really like the way it turned out!