Friday, September 23, 2011

Cake for Dinner

No, this is not a post about sugar bomb meals but it is a review of Scythian's children's album entitled "Cake for Dinner".  Just about the only thing that I dreaded about having kids was the music that you associate with minivans and peanut butter and jelly devouring wee ones.  Even as a kid I was not a fan of Raffie (Hubs' favorite musician from his childhood) or other kid-focused music.  Flash forward to 2011 and there is great music out there for babies and kids that keeps the parents that also have to listen to it in mind, like the Rockabye Baby series.

If you don't know Scythian, you should.  Scythian is an eclectic and uber-talented, Celtic/gypsy/Americana/punk band based out of DC.  They are all super cute and the two founders and brothers are classically trained musicians from the Ukraine (but raised in Dallas!). 

If you are sick of the Disney Music Channel you have to pick up "Cake for Dinner", you won't go crazy.  "Tumba" and "Cleaning Hullabaloo" are two of my favorites.  You can also get a free listen at iTunes.

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