Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall in Line Part 1

Alright kiddos, it is officially fall!  It doesn't feel like it in West Texas today - this 95 degree temp isn't exactly agreeing with my 39 week pregnant self.  Once you are this pregnant the weather should never be over double the weeks you are along.  Agreed?  Agreed- I have to agree with myself on this one.

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Back to fall.  I know that some of you have been dreading it but it is time to edit and purge again!  Those strapless summer dresses and linen pants will need to be packed away soon or moved to the less accessible areas of the closet to make room for all of those fabulous skinny cords, sweaters and boots.  I heart fall fashion to the point of silliness, as I know many of you do too.  Here are some tips for those feeling a bit overwhelmed as where to start...

1. To thine own self be true- go through those summer duds and pull out anything and everything that you did not wear this summer.  If you didn't wear it this season chances are that you won't wear it next summer either.  I know what happens (everyone does this!) you hold stuff over from the previous year(s) because you used to love it, paid a fortune for it, got it for a steal or it is that size that you know you will one day wear again.  Don't let that tube top take up anymore space in your life or your house!  Donate it and be done with it.  You will want to shop at the beginning of the season next year anyway so make room for the future pieces that you will actually wear.

2. Get it out - I'm a firm believer in editing ones wardrobe at the beginning AND the end of every season.  If that is too much for you stick with one or the other but don't cheat yourself by not editing at all.  *Tip* If you are going to consign your rejects you will want to edit at the beginning of the season.  Most consignment shops only take the current season's clothes.*  

Now take out everything that is out of season and if you can, try it on!  Wash or dry clean what needs it and fold it up for storage.  If you have the luxury of having another closet where you store "out of season" clothes than make sure that clothes are on proper hangers and are in appropriate garment bags.  I personally keep my out of season clothes in Space Bags nestled inside of under bed containers.  

 Fold those sweaters! You don't want the Lady Ga Ga look of pointy shoulders from your hangers.  Natural cotton garment bags like the ones above are great for storing leather, wool and other natural fibers as they allow the fabrics to breathe.  You can even find under the bed storage options in cotton, like the one below from Rubbermaid.

Cedar planks are another great thing to put in under bed boxes and garment bags.  I love these from The Container Store

3. Welcome the new season - as you are pulling out this season's wears edit as you go.  Try on those clothes before you put them back in your closet.  If they don't fit or need to be tailored get on it!  Don't waste time hanging it up and risk not wearing it again.  Put those items in a bin to be taken to the dry cleaner or tailor and if it doesn't happen in 2-4 weeks donate it.  If you aren't willing to take the time to get it fixed you probably weren't all that excited about wearing it in the first place.  Also, items can get musty and wrinkled after months of storage - wash, steam or iron it now so it is ready to wear.    

4. Get your kicks - on Route 66...or not.  Fall isn't just about denim and sweaters it's about boots and cute flats!  Time to retire the flip-flops and sandals for a while and fish out that fall footwear.  Boots do take up considerable room in a closet; far more than flip flops.  In order to prevent what I call the "ankle break" in your tall boots and to keep them in order I like to use a couple of different boot shapers.  These are all great for keeping your boots looking their best and to save you time by not having to search for mates. 

That should be enough to get you started for now, I will be giving you some more tips in the week to come.  You can de-clutter and give yourself the closet you have always wanted.  If you need a hand to hold or a trained eye, just contact me and I can help.  Happy fall! 

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correspondent said...

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for offering those great tips for preparing closets for fall. We're glad you use Space Bag vacuum-seal storage bags to protect your out-of-season clothing and save space in your closet for what you really need. Just wanted to let you know Space Bag has an online community called Space Savers that offers home organization tips and storage ideas. Feel free to share your tips in a Member Story or check out our own fall organization tips at Thanks again!

Best wishes,
Space Savers Correspondent

Grace Family said...

Ha! That's making me laugh that a "correspondent" from Space Savers found your post... can we say "Big Brother"??? If only The Container Store would find your posts and start giving you kickbacks, wouldn't that be grand?!?!
Anyway, great tips! I've never seen the boot organizers so that's very helpful! I'm so excited for fall... just wish my budget allowed for all the great shopping I'd love to be doing! Three kids suck up a lot of cash! :-)