Monday, June 20, 2011


It's funny how one click on one blog can lead you down a rabbit-hole of fun. While perusing the blog, Lay Baby Lay this evening I saw an awesome pouf that was featured in today's mood board and clicked on a link to the Etsy seller. As I browsed the vast selection of eclectic patterned poufs I saw that one was constructed with none other than two of the very same fabrics from my nursery. Huzzah!

How cute, right? Now I wouldn't buy a matching pouf as I have already had large floor pillows made out of the large suzani pattern, but the Waverly Cross Section or a complimentary pouf might be just the trick. Loving the yellow Chevron and Ikat. Although, either of these would also look comfy-chic in my living room...

Keep up the great work AletaFae! Kids, keep following those links (if appropriate) you never know where they will lead you. I heart sounding like a closing line from Jerry Springer.

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