Wednesday, May 11, 2011

His Closet

Who doesn't love a good before-and-after on a closet? I, for one, love them. When we moved into our 1960s era house our closets were more than lacking they were suffering. They were suffering from an ailment that I like to call, Underutilized Space Syndrome (USS). All of our bedroom closets are standard six foot reach-ins. They all looked very similar to this on move-in day:

For a girl who spends the better part of her days organizing other people's closets and homes this would just not do. Off to The Container Store (aka. Heaven on Earth) to get custom Elfa closet designs! We started by reconfiguring the two master closets and the nursery closet. Sorry guests, your closet will have to wait.

Here is what my Elfa designer and I came up with for the Hubs closet:

First things first, we had to tear out the existing closet components and make-ready the walls for our brand new Elfa closet. Such an improvement already!

From there it was just a half-dozen screws, placement and hanging of shelves and we were finished. Just to demonstrate how easy it can be, especially after a little practice, I hung the entire closet by myself. Nothing beats surprising your hub with some finely tuned organization. Buh-bye USS!

If you need some help with your closet, pantry, laundry room, garage, etc. just give me a shout! I can happily help from anywhere thanks to the interwebs and Skype.

Happy organizing!


Sara Williams said...

Love this! Especially love the color organization and cowboy boots. :-)

Lauren said...

Since we don't have closet doors yet the color coding makes for a nice view. Never being able to shut your closets forces you to keep them clean. I suppose that is a good thing...