Thursday, May 14, 2009


Working in a cube farm has to be one of the most mind-numbing existences imaginable. Sometimes it sort of feels like I'm in the zoo and this is my little cage where even though I have a concrete ball to scoot around with my nose and a huge water dish, still isn't quite comfortable.

For example, you may feel all alone in the your little cube until someone coughs or gets a little feisty with their computer. At that point you remember that there are others in three-walled cubbies surrounding you. Waiting to pounce. Or make popcorn. Or eat curry.

There should be some sort of law against windowless cube farms, like the one that I am sitting in right this very minute. But in this time that we live in I guess a seat in a glorified cardboard box is worth a pay check, right? Did you know that they make cubes with ceilings and doors now? Tres weird. But not as weird as when people make their own ceiling and/or door for their little worker bee hole. Strange thing.

Do you work in a cube farm of fun? Do you decorate it to pretend that you're somewhere else or do you employee some sort of Jedi mind game to get through your 8 hours of work?

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