Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Young Winner

If you all are unaware of Young House Love and the newly wed youngsters that live there, you have been missing out!

I was an interior architecture major for 2 whole years before I switched it up with Art History. I like to consider them to be the chic majors, if you will. So interior design is a passion of mine. Hence the drastic re-do of my sweet fiance's apartment. We got to get the bachelor pad ready for real live wedded bliss, right? Right. Not that he ever had an overly "bachelor" bachelor pad but the problem was storage. We have registered for all these pretty gifts and we need a place to store them if they happen to come our way.

Pictures to come. Drastic, people.

Back to our youngsters. They have the most adorable house of ever in Richmond, VA. Completely re-done, by them. Think beachy, meets spa, meets metropole...lovely.

They host giveaways every couple of weeks for super fun things. Lamps, services, name it and they have given away a super cute version of it. This week there were 4 prizes up for grabs. 4 amazingly cool pillows from Sa-Sea Boutique. And can you believe that I won!

There was a choice between the 4 designs and I chose the one on the left. Cute, right?

This little 'bute will be perfect on my bed or on the cool red couch! Photos to come...


Lexy said...

I stumbled onto your blog from the thisyounghouse page (Congrats on the win - I love the pillows) and was shocked to see that I know your fiance! I went to high school and church with Michael - what a small world!

Lauren said...

How funny! I actually went to high school with Michael too in McKinney. Are you related to Liz Williams?