Friday, May 1, 2009

Vampires? Really?

For real. I am far too old to be as obsessed as I am with the Twilight series, but I can't help myself!

After Harry Potter came out and I learned that it takes no time at all (2 pages) to become completely enthralled in a story. I read the Harry Potter books as they came out. This lead me to rush through each book until I got about 3/4 of the way through, than I had to pace myself. There is nothing worse than to be so lost in a story and to look up and see that you only have a couple dozen pages left. You just want the story to go on and on forever! But I guess this is how book publishers get nerdy people like me to be exposed back to the "real world" and find another book to pour over. Well, welcome Twilight.

I have purposely avoided the Twilight series since it first started to get a ton of publicity when the movie came out. There was no desire to read the books or even see the movie. People talked about it and I ignored them. No way would I spend good money on teenie bopper books! I'm 26 now. Time to read important books about international development, politics, economics and oh I don't know, biology! Alas, my sweet friend Rachel made it all to easy for an old addict like me.

She lent me the first book, Twilight. I was a goner from the first page. The entire book was devoured in under 24 hours (during the work week no less!). Oh, but it didn't stop there. Like most series authors, this one slipped the first chapter of the next book, New Moon, into the end of the first book. Doomed, doomed, doomed...

I waited a full day to get the second one and it takes all the will power that I have not to read it at work. Have held out thus far. But the weekend is coming.

Wish me luck.

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