Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Wedding Singer...

alright, kiddos. i'm pretty sure that there are only two people out there that peep at my sad little erradic blog but does anyone know of any cool wedding bands/singers? the entire concept seems quite cheesy and lame but the people need something to dance to! let the people dance!

this wedding planning thing is pretty fun but much more stressful than i gave it credit for.

number of breakdowns: 2
number of cancellations: 1
number of times that eloping sounded like a really good idea: 1,000

however, all that matters is that i'm marrying my super hot fiance and i can't wait! november can't get here soon enough, my friends.

funny things that i have discovered while planning:
  • finding a dress is easy, finding a dress that one can afford is another barrel of monkeys (monkies? i am not a very good speller.)
  • dresses- bridesmaid and bridal alike all have human names, why?? i protested this by getting a dress that was named after a year instead. one can't have a dress with a more exotic sounding name than the gal wearing it, right? and seeing as my name is quite traditional and the opposite of exotic Ambrosia had to hit the road. my sweet bridesmaids do have the exciting task of picking out their dresses from names like Sydney and Alexa. oh la la!
  • the blending of families is actually fun! i have totally lucked out though and my future in-laws are stellar folks. seriously, i love them.
  • registering is fun but figuring out where you will store all registered goodies upon arrival to a small urban apartment...challenging.

hope the world is well for any of those that will happen to see this. if anyone has any recommendations for wedding bands and/or photographers, please send them my way!

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