Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Proposal

Michael and I met my freshman year of high school in McKinney, Texas. We were both amazingly dorky, but that is what made us so money. Right? Yes.

We never dated in our younger years but over the course of my junior year (his senior year) we became workout buddies. I was on the golf team (this adds to my radical dorkiness) and Michael was on cart staff at my country club. We began to chat and randomly started running into each other at the country club gym a couple of times a week. What a coincidence!

Well, Michael went off to SMU and where he became quite the stud. Homecoming King anyone?
A year later I crossed the Red River to further my academic career at the University of Oklahoma. Michael was a smart man and made a point to call me every six months after he left for school. You know, just to check in and make sure that I was growing into my looks and staying super cool. Around the summer of my sophomore year Michael and I ran into each other at a bar down in Dallas. Our circles of friends crossed every once in a while and this was one of those instances. I was quite smitten with Mr. Dorff from that point on, but he was heading to Washington for a big important government internship. Who knew when I would see those beautiful blue eyes again?

Two years later. Flash forward to Christmas of my senior year of college. I'm home in Dallas for the holidays and who calls but Michael Dorff inviting me to his Christmas party. Regrettably I was unable to attend but don't worry, he didn't give up. A month later I got another call from Michael. Now this was out of the two per year allowance and I was thrilled.

The calls started to come more regularly after that first call. At first it was once a week and then it was every two or three days. I got him. In February my last sorority formal was to take place and I needed a date. But not just any date. This was my last college formal and I wanted it to be the best yet. Now I'm not silly and silly is exactly what I felt like when I thought about asking Michael to fly to Dallas and drive to Norman, USA for a college party. So I didn't. The week before the party came around and Michael was brilliant enough to fill me in on the fact that if I asked him he would buy a plane ticket then and there. Smart man. And it was done.

A week later Michael showed up on my door step on Sherry Lane. We had not seen one another in over two years and he was even better looking than I remembered. And taller. That was it for me; I was a goner.

Fast forward again four years later (to the day Feb. 20), we are engaged!

Christmas Eve 2008
My amazing boyfriend surprised me on December 23rd with tickets to the Kennedy Center to see the Washington Chorale Society perform Christmas carols. My favorite!!! But that isn't all, he got us tickets to sit in the President's Box- Box 1. The same box that he had taken me to on Christmas Eve 2006. I went through the roof and could hardly sleep at all that night.

Being that we work for Uncle Sam Michael and I had to work on Christmas Eve. So after work we met and he swept me off to the Kennedy Center. During intermission while I was enjoying Presidential champagne and he a Pepsi, the other few people in box filtered back to their seats. Michael didn't feel a need to rush and insisted that we finish our drinks. From here we began to talk and he asked me how long we had known each other (12 1/2 years) and told me that he had kept me with him every day for all of those years. He then proceeded to pull a ring from his jacket pocket and told me that he wanted to keep me with him forever, will I marry him? Um...yes, yes, yes and yes.

From there the night was a blur of ice skating in the National Sculpture Garden, dinner at Wolf Gang's Source, and on top of that Christmas! Just the two of us. It was perfect.

He is my heart and I keep him there always, everyday.

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Hannah said...

Awwwww... tear* You guys are too cute. Hope you are having fun at home planning. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.