Friday, April 11, 2008

Common sitings

These are the things that I randomly see (fairly often) on the streets of DC.

1. chunks of people's polyester weaves
2. folks commuting to work via uni-cycle
3. people riding segways around the park while rocking out to Poison
4. an obese homeless woman who chases me down the street telling me she is pregnant and huuungry- she has been pregnant for about 3 years
5. tourists decked out in their new DC gear (I heart DC) aimlessly, loudly wandering around the metro, sidewalks, restaurants (these people don't really "bother" me because they are so entertaining and usually ask me for directions- guess I look like I know where I'm going...suckers)
6. protesters- usually wearing ridiculous outfits and shouting that you're a war-monger
7. pickles, oddly enough there are a great number of them out there just waiting for you to slip on them on the sidewalk

DC is pretty fun and pretty entertaining.

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Kara said...

this is too funny!
here you go:
email me or give me yours too.