Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pope Town

As most of you probably know (and if you don't you should seriously consider reading a paper or turning on the news) the Pope was in Washington last week. It is pretty amazing when you realize that THE Pope is in your proverbial 'hood. Granted the visit made the traffic horrendous and practically brought the Metro to a crawl- it was still a success!

This was also quite momentous because the President met the Pope at Andrew's which he has never done before for any other visiting State Head. It was hilarious watching the coverage on Fox News because they literally had a split screen of the blank sky for 45 minutes.

Eventually Sheperd One landed and taxied to the red carpet. The Pope was then greeted first by Nancy Brinker (Ambassador of State Protocol- lovely woman but I will talk about her later). She is always the first to greet visiting heads of state.

The next event was the State Arrival on the South Lawn of the WH- the largest in history w/ 12,000 attendees. When I attended the Queen's arrival last year it was pretty crowded and that was only around 5,000 people (lucky for me I had a front row spot).
Mega Mass was conducted on Thursday and was completely breath-taking to see. My buddy Blayne owns a production company and put together all of the lighting/sound/staging for the event. Here are some great buildout pics. The mass was held at the brand new Nat's Stadium which, while being a great improvement on RFK Stadium, is still a bit of an architectual let down. These show the stages of buildout.

Next thing you know, it is game day and the Pope is arriving.

Interesting facts...the Pope Mobile is constructed on a Mercedes SUV chasie and is bullet- and bomb-proof.

You may know him as, The Pope (BF's mom actually got to touch him, but received a slap on the wrist from his guards. Oops.)

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Jason said...

Yes, yes, very informative. But did you answer the question: does the Pope poop in the woods?

That's not it - does the Pope wear a funny hat...bears poop in the woods...no hats.

I have derailed.