Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The First...

these things are kind of hard to start...

where does one begin a blog about themself or about what one experiences in their day to day existence? i guess we just jump right in!

i live in the nation's capitol and it is an interesting place. dc is a very transient city- almost everyone here is on a mission. there are very few people who move to washington just to settle down and raise a family. unheard of. people come here to save the world. i don't know if i fall into that category of folks but i'm trying my best to do good.

the museum arena of dc seems like it would be pretty vast, full of opportunities for a young art historian. but that isn't the case. there are something like 20 smithsonian museums and they all hire through the same hr department making it quite difficult to ever work for them- that is if you want to get paid. this led me to take a different path and venture outside the umbrella of smithsonian museums. i started my career at the phillip's collection and the decatur house museum. both great museums- i highly recommend them on your next trip to washington.

museums are fantastic places to people watch.

anyway, i left the museum world to experience the wild and wacky political realm. it is intense but more interesting than i could have imagined.

my job has given me opportunities to do some pretty cool things. maybe i will share a bit about some of these events and experiences.

that is all i have for now.

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Kara said...

now i can keep up with you! what's your new job? post some pictures! what have you been up to? you have endless blogging material there. i miss you so much!