Friday, August 10, 2012

You Can't Spell Friday without DIY

The DIY bug bit me on the (insert body part here) after seeing these cute burp clothes at Arabella's in McKinney. I bought a pack of onesies and then headed to my local JoAnn Fabrics for the rest of my supplies. 

Items needed:

1. Onesies or burp cloths

2. Fabric, you can buy small bunches of precut assorted fabrics

3. Stitch Witchery fabric bonding web (you can sew on your fabric as well for added durability)

4. Fabric scissors

5. Cross-stitch needle and thread

Here is how they turned out. They aren't perfect but I think that gives them character. These are pre-ironing photos. If they were teenagers one might say, "...they've got great personalities!" 

All in all it was pretty easy and I can see where they get better looking with practice. And sleep.

Any of you working on DIY projects? Please share!

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Julia said...

Lauren...thinking of you and hoping you're adapting to your new surroundings. Stay in the day and enjoy being a mama to that sweet baby. xoxo, Julia