Friday, May 7, 2010

Brains and Bronze

We all know that too much sun is no good for our skin but most of us like a little tan. Some more than others: George Hamilton and Brooke Hogan, the Umpa Lumpa look is so 30 years ago.

Living in the Caribbean I'm very conscious of my sun exposure. When my parents visited they were surprised that I wasn't more tan. As a child I turned brown every summer, but I'm no longer a child (though I may act like one at times) and it is now the age of high SPF. Down here you can almost always find me in a hat with SPF 70 underneath.
The big reason that I don't mind if my face doesn't match my slightly tanner body is because of this great bronzing powder from Bare Escentuals. The color is Faux Tan and it is the perfect bronzer. No orange hue here, just subtle natural color. It is very natural looking and even has SPF in it.

For the bod I like Jergens line of buildable bronzing lotions. Just watch your feet, things can get to looking weird around your toes. Also, don't forget to wash your hands or face the consequences of orange palms. Jergens Glow Bronze Express is the best by far.
Happy safe sunless-tanning!

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