Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blast from the Past - Rubber Bracelets

Saturday morning, time for cartoons. Only all the cartoons worth waking up during our youth are gone. This realization led me to this post. You know that you are a child of the 80s if you remember the following items:

Saturday morning spent with Red and the gang of Fraggle Rock. The hard-working Doozers were my fav. I'm pretty sure that the Fraggles had them working for less than minimum wage and were not given proper breaks but that was their world, not mine. They never complained either.

Slap bracelets. Did you ever beg and plead for just one more bracelet to complete your collection? I did. And it was glorious...until they were banned from school for being "to distracting and violent."
Oh, the stirrup pant. Let us not repeat that fashion faux pas, shall we? Yikes. I am loving the Cosby sweater and feathered mullet. Maybe I will bring those back.

Yet another 80s fashion disaster would have to be parachute pants or fondly remembered as "Hammer Pants." This is one atrocity that celebrities had the audacity to attempt at reviving. Thank goodness it failed and landed them on the "Worst Dressed" list of InStyle.

Long gone are the days of Hypercolor T-shirts, trading Garbage Pail Kids, Popples and the Snorks. The kids that our generation will produce will sadly have no idea what good Saturday morning cartoons used to be made of; it's all Anime and Bratz now. But at least we can rest assured in the fact that one near and dear to my heart 80s trend is back with a vengeance. Rubber bracelets are on like Donkey Kong, kids.
The new generation of rubber bracelet enthusiasts only confirm my fear for this new league of consumers. Obsession, bombardment advertising, unending disposable income (10 year olds with credit cards? Really?!) and the need to conform that has always plagued human pre-teen kind has made this new craze 10 times crazier than anything that we saw in my day as an elementary school student. Kids of my time were clearly not as clever as the kids (or marketing firms) of today. What we called, "rubber bracelets" kids today call everything from Silly Bandz to Zandybandz. What on earth does Zandybandz even mean? It is all jibberish and ball bearings these days. BF showed me an article about the insanity of this remade craze by Lindsey Bever from
"Sorry we are all out of animal rubber bands until Monday or Tuesday." They are also out of all the cool technologically stunted trends that plagued the 80s. I do love seeing a nine year old texting away on her iPhone while listening to music and wearing cheap rubber bands that she could have found in her mama's treasure chest back in 1988.

What about you, what was your favorite trend from your childhood? Any decade can apply.


Cathy Seely said...

A favorite trend when I was growing up was "pop beads". These were popular in the 50s and 60s. They were plastic beads that could be made into necklaces and bracelets and came in a multitude of colors. You could pull them apart (thus resulting in a popping sound), reconnect them into any length you wanted and mix or match the bead colors.

Lauren said...

I love it, we had something like that when I was a kid too. Anyone else??

Anonymous said...

these bring back some good memories! I remember i use to fight with my cousins for the colors. Thanks for the post!!


First Class Wristbands said...

It make me remember those old days, My elder brother always took my red band.
Those were wonderful days.
I still love those colourful rubber bracelets.