Friday, April 16, 2010

Prepster Dufus

Maybe my affinity of the "preppy" sports comes from my country club upbringing, but who knows? Maybe I was always a girl destined to love golf and tennis and all that those two sports entail. Don't misunderstand, I played competitive basketball and softball growing up, in addition to competitive cheerleading (those of you who don't consider this a sport, please keep your comments to thy self). I heart me some Sooner football and the Dallas Mavs, but there is still something about those country club extra-curricular activities.

The clothes are fabulous as are the tradition and genteelness that surround these sports. But let me be clear - golf attire for the ladies was in the doldrums up until five years ago.

Nancy Lopez...hmmm, pleaty.

For example, when I was playing golf in high school our uniforms were pretty cool for the day and they consisted of khaki shorts from the GAP and over-sized Polos. Buh. The cotton did not breathe and by the time my round was finished I resembled a crumpled, sweaty, untailored disaster. And let us not forget the sad unflattering pleats of the mid to late '90s, modeled above by none other than Miss Nancy Lopez.

Tennis clothes have always been lovely. Two words: Wimbledon Whites.

Maria Sharapova...bravo.

Now the golfing ladies out there can look just as cute (while not showing quite as much skin) as their tennis counterparts. I'm loving all of the new Dri-fit material and the introduction of the golf skirt. I wear mine around town even when I'm not hitting the links. They're super cute and very comfortable. Check out these two beauties from LIJA.

Not to mention the improvement of the golf short and tops, in general. Here are a couple of examples of modern golf attire.

Outfit No. 1:Outfit 2:Shoes. Let us not forget the shoes! Walking through a PGA Store in Dallas I was speechless to see how many clothes that they had for women's golf. The styles and colors were beyond anything that I could have ever hope for in high school. The shoes above are made by Dawgs and have utilized the technology pioneered by Crocs. I don't have a pair but I would be interested in wearing them. You can also design your very own FootJoy's at GolfShoesOnly! Check out the pair that I put together this morning. Being a girl from Texas I love that you can add your monogram or even an emblem of your choosing.
Most of my time in Trinidad has been spent playing both of these sports. Who wouldn't want to run around town, the courts or a golf course in sweet rags like these?? If you like the Keri Golf bags, I'm right there with you. In fact, BF gave me one for my birthday a few years back. Love it and it always steals the show.

Here's to all of the "Prepster Dufuses" out there and the people that love them. Argyle and all.


Unknown said...

Now when are you planning to come home to D.C. and play golf with me. I promise to wear a cute outfit.

Lauren said...

That's what I'm talking about. Not sure when we'll make it back to the east coast, or the States for that matter. You're at the top of the list for a round of D.C. golf, though!

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