Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Days of the Dress

Are the days of skirts and dresses really gone? Not for this little lulu, that's for sure. I was just perusing the Pioneer Woman's post on her daily wear and was sad to hear that this gorgeous Okie woman never wears skirts or dresses. Not even to weddings!

While her going out garb was stylish and put together very well, I would love to introduce some sweet cotton skirts and dresses into her fashion vocabulary. She is currently posting a video series on fashion and I'm hoping she will get a feminie, sans-pants number out of the deal. (PS - I LOVE her and her Frye boots below.)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of the best parts about being a girl is getting to wear a pretty dress. My typical summer outfits resemble something like this:

This is the perfect little summer dress. It could be worn as a beach cover-up, paired with a great necklace and metallic sandals would make it the perfect "lady that lunches" outfit, or I would throw it on to run errands in the Texas summer heat.

Doesn't this look comfy? I'm wearing something similar right now. Somehow wearing a skirt or dress, no matter how casual, makes me feel pretty and feminie without being uncomfortable. No wedgies here! T.M.I.??

This is the perfect summer dress from Anthropologie. I would wear it to run errands, out to lunch with my girlfriends or even to stop and smell the roses at the Dallas Arboretum.

PW, this is an ideal dress to wear to a summer wedding. It is colorful and is a flattering cut. You could easily wear this for a date night with Marlboro Man with those cute Ralph Lauren eyelet wedges that you blogged about. Sorry I can't link to it but the html is messed up. You can find it at Anthropologie.

My most versitile summer staples every year are simple white V-neck tees and plain white tank tops. I'm not a huge fan of the term "wife beater" but it is the best way to describe the kind of tank I'm referring to here. How about we call them "wife huggers"? That is a much more accurate description around my house. I can find these most often at Target and Old Navy and usually buy multiples. Both brands are best for not shrinking and having a nice long cut torso.

A simple white tee or tank and fun necklace are a fool-proof match with cute print summer skirts. Until the weather warms up or when it cools off all you have to do is pair this outfit up with a cute cardie and your good to go.

On a non-skirt/dress related note. If I weren't wearing a skirt or dress Anthropologie's Souffle Jumpsuit is what I would LOVE to be wearing. So fun. Bravo, Anthro. Bravo.


Cathy Seely said...

Such a fashionbarista...love your comments on dressing with dresses!

Lauren said...

J and I think that you coined a new phrase. "Fashionbarista," I love it! Because I do like fashion and coffee. You're money and you don't even know it, Mama.