Tuesday, April 27, 2010


BF's cousin, Cat, sweetly visited us last month and I just recently got my camera back (left it at a friend's) that had all of our adventures on it. If it is cold or rainy wherever you are, please enjoy these sunny scenes.
Fun on the golf course. I promise that while I am happy to see you that is just a golf ball in my pocket.
Cat totally got a Trini proposal from our caddie, Nigel.
Nigel loves the ladies. Look at him, just claimed his undying love to Cat and is already hanging on our friend, Shannon. Player.
Out on the town.
New friends.
This is how they get coconuts down from the trees. One guy shimmies all the way to the top and puts a rope around the bunch. Then this guy down below pulls them all down. These trees are really tall and the skinny little guy climbs up without anything besides the rope and the pair of shorts he's wearing.
Cat was managing the situation to make sure that everything was up to code. She is good like that.
Thanks for visiting Trinidad, Cat! See you back in Dallas.

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Unknown said...

LOVE IT! That was an excellent recap, but we both know that's not a golf ball in your pocket, Trini Tranny! Juuuuust kidding and thanks for the photos and for NOT posting them on FB. I love our memories, but I hate my fat butt. It was so fun - you are the best hostess ever! xoxo miss ya.