Monday, September 21, 2009


Hi kiddos, sorry for the lag in posts. Things have been a bit busy to say the least.

Wedding Update:
For those of you interested in the wedding planning process, this is for you. It is sort of a never ending saga. A good one though. Here is my current to-do list:

1. Put together bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner invite lists
2. Pick up wedding rings (custome designed by Eric Olschwanger - he's really good)
3. Order a massive amount of sweet, delicous pie from The Pantry
4. Order a wee cake for cutting from A&J Bakery (explanation to follow)
5. Have BF pick out male attendants' attire - tux, suit, banana costume?
6. Address and mail out invitations - I hope that you all appreciate the hand-written work of my father and god-mother
7. Work on playlists for the string quartet, band and background music...polka or gangster rap?
8. Meet with photographer before October 19th Bridal Portrait. Can anyone say facial and push-ups?
9. Many other things but let's take this one day at a time, kids

A couple of back ground stories for whomever is still reading this post:

The rings-

My Rings:
I love the story of my rings. Did I tell you all that BF's adorable mama literally took her wedding ring off of her finger and gave it to him to reset for me? Well, that is how it went down and it still brings tears to my eyes. BF took her stone and had it reset in the most perfect platinum, four-pronged, solitare tulip setting. It is me and I love it. There are two sweet little diamons on the front and back of the basket underneath the large diamond.
The wedding ring is being constructed using the rest of the 16 diamonds from BF's mama's original ring. There are four different sizes of diamonds, and four diamonds per size. Eric will be setting them graduating from largest in the middle down to the smallest on either side in a shared-prong platinum setting. Simple and pretty.

BF's ring:
BF was very specific about his ring. No platinum or white gold for this guy - he is a true traditionalist and wants a yellow gold band with millgrain edges. It is a ring just like his daddy's. It is classic and wholesome, just like BF.

The Cake:
Neither BF or myself like wedding cake much, hence the pie. However, my mom asked that we cut a cake and we happily obliged. The plan is to get a round 9" cake that BF and I will cut shortly after our first dance. After that, put on your eating pants and dancing shoes because it will be all pie and dancing from that point on. See how that works, we are looking out for the health of all of our guests. Yes, we give you pie and lots of it but we also provide a calorie burning dance fest after from our wiggling and giggling inducing band.

Stay tuned...more to come.

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