Thursday, June 4, 2009

Roller Skate Skinny


Skinny jeans. Some people hate them, some people love them, some people love them but should hate them and others just need to get out of their "mom" jeans (because you are no longer a woman, you're a mom).


It took me a while to warm up to the idea of "skinny" jeans. Does one need to possess skinny genes to wear such an article of clothing? How skinny are we talking about here? I like to eat. I like fashion, but I really like to eat. Thank goodness I love to workout.

Look how cute this chick looks in her skinnies!


But eventually, I caved. It was sort of on a whim, sort of not. Not knowing if this would be a fad that would leave me looking like a total dork with tapered white jeans after Labor Day, Urban Outfitters seemed like the place to go. If I did decide that they weren't hideous and bought a pair, only to find out three months later that skinny jeans are so out and wearing your uncles overalls is so in, then out they go! There are worse fashion disasters than $40 for skin skimming pants, right?

The pants were tried on and liked! But being the cheapskate indecisive creature that I am, I walked out of the store. This is where it gets embarrassing. Five minutes after leaving UO I see a girl with flawless style breeze by in her skinnies. 180 degrees later I was at the register. Not that I'm a slave to trends or a total poser. She just looked cool. Probably helped that she was like 5'10 and I'm only 5'7 with more athletic thighs...Hey, you are what you are and that is what you should love and work with. Why not work and love it in your skinny jeans? Kim Kardashian does it.


Since that time two years ago I have since bought two more pairs from slightly more upscale establishments. How about you? Do you have a love, hate or just love to hate relationship with the skinniest of jeans?


Sara Williams said...

Although not so skinny these days, I miss my skinny jeans! Easy to wear with any kind of shoe - flat, heel, boot - and comfy too. Mine are J. Crew and didn't cost a zillion dollars but once I can get back into skinny things (fingers crossed) I plan on buying more!

Lauren said...

I totally agree! My new fav pairs are from Madewell, got them when we went to Tysons forever ago. They have an extensive line of skinnys and they are pretty reasonable. You will be back in them in no time!