Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tales from the Garage

I love me a good garage transformation, as you may know.  It is that area of your house that is usually a pit for most American families.  You are either in the situation of not being able to fit both or even one vehicle in at all, it has sports gear, tools, and/or misc. crap strewn about or your are one of the very few that keeps a tidy and sparse garage for your cars.  Our garage fell somewhere in between.  First off, it looked like a murder room.  Our walls were riddled with holes, spray paint spurts and random shelving. 

Here is our pitiful before:  Don't you love the gaping spaces around our pipes?  We had our entire house re-piped (all new plumbing!) and not all of the evidence of the repairs have been remedied as of yet.

 Notice our old toilet...

I made a small effort to start the process last week and made my way through all of the piles to at least get it to the place you see below.  This included a coat of primer (leftover paint from the previous owners that I used to cover up the hideous stains on the walls behind those shelves on the right).

Hubs was up next and he had the hardest job of all; patching about 1,000 holes.  Like his shirt?  *Side Note Alert* We visited the first ever legal Texas bourbon distillery last summer in the Hill Country.  It is awesome and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some Garrison Brothers Bourbon count yourself blessed. *Side Note Complete* He also had to sweep a graveyard of Daddy Long Legs off the walls.  Gross.

Had to give you a close-up of our laughable attic access.  It is as shoty as it looks and yes, that is a jump rope that you see attached intended to act as a way to pull down the ladder.  Yikes.

Up-close and personal with random wall graffiti. 

Look at all of those glorious patches!  And the glorious hole we found behind the peg board.  This is why you always take everything down...to make sure there are not huge gaping holes in your walls.

We got a steal of a deal on paint at Lowe's by purchasing a 5 gallon bucket of mis-tinted Valspar.  It just so happened to be in a color similar to what we were wanting and in the right finish.  For 1/2 price you can't beat that!

We are still in the process of painting the ceiling and we will eventually get to painting the floor as well.  But for now, this is where we stand.  I'm hoping to get it wrapped up by the weekend so that both of our cars can move back into their shady home.  Who else was a weekend warrior?  

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