Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Hip to Be Square

On our most recent jaunt to Dallas Hubs and I stayed with my folks for a few nights in McKinney. We both grew up in McKinney and were excited to see how much it has grown and how much cooler it has become since we were kids. In sixth grade we were stoked just to get a Chili's, now there are a ton of restaurants and entertaining things to do.

What is most impressive about McKinney's regentrification (not that it was ever bad) is the historic square. I worked on the square in high school at a fabulous boutique called Cotton Hearts. It is the quaintest, most relaxed and stylish women's clothing store you could ever hope to stumble upon. Cotton Hearts has lived on the square in the same spot for almost twenty years.

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Gorgeous new over-sized flower pots spill colorful prettiness on every corner of the square.

But Cotton Hearts is no longer surrounded by small country-styled stores and antique malls. Today you can find chic restaurants (open later than 5:00 pm, might I add), art galleries, wine tastings, home interior stores, live music, pubs and even a hotel!

Hubs and I enjoyed Square Burger. We enjoyed it so much that we almost ate it all before we could even get a photo.

Sauce, is a rustic yet modern Italian restaurant that reminds us of DC restaurants. Cool and skinny.

One can not go to the square in McKinney without having a slice of pie from the Pantry. It just wouldn't be Christian, or human for that matter. "How good is their pie?" you ask. So good that I served it at my wedding instead of cake. That's damn good.

Super cute idea for displaying photos from Smitten. The pictures are standing up in red beans. Much better use for beans than eating them.

There is a really well organized and curated furniture consignment shop where we found this corner pew on sale for $225. Still wish that we would have adopted it and brought it home to live around the game table in our family room. It would be all to appropriate considering the Hubs is the son of a preacher man.

My new favorite interior decor store has to be Gray Living. Look how yummy. Plus, I'm a total sucker for all things gray.

An old and extremely out-dated store was turned into what is now, Sharla's. The fun part is that we actually know Sharla as she is the mom of one of our high school friends. She opened this ahh-mazing cosmetic store a while back but recently moved into what can only be described as an utterly drool-worthy space. The details are beyond fabulous.

If you are ever in Dallas and want to see a cool place with even cooler people, head on up 75 to McKinney. The Square is something that you don't want to miss. Unless you're not into interesting places and great food, but that's your deal.

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