Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sconce Anyone?

How many of you have seen cute sconces in a store and thought, "I love those but I am not an electrician nor would I like to hire one to install them."? Or have you found sconces that plug into an outlet but then had the issue of them looking amateur and unpolished? I have been both of these people. Who doesn't like a good sconce? Crazy people who don't appreciate interior illumination, that's who! Enjoy the wonderful world of sconces for a moment.

Pottery Barn's Petit Industrial Sconce - $99

Pottery Barn's Madison Glass Pendant Sconce - $129

Restful Master Bedroom contemporary bedroom

Heather Garrett Design eclectic living room

living room  living room

new project contemporary dining room

After purchasing a pair of cute sconces from Ikea a couple of years back I had the issue of them looking less than stellar due to the wonky-dangling cord. See exhibit A:

Notice the cords? You're being too kind, of course you see them. The outlet is way closer to the sconce on the left leaving the right sconce cord stretched to within an inch of its electrical life. Tragic.

They were never hung in the loft but found a home in our new master bedroom. We have been living with their shabbiness until just recently when I found the most wonderful product at Lowe's. It is a plastic cover that snaps over the cord and has sticky tape on the back. Here is all you need to get the job done: a level and a cord cover. They run about $5 each and are the best thing since Father of the Bride.

Look how much better! Eventually (maybe never) I will paint the cord covers to match the walls. Seamless.

Have any of you ever tried your hand at pseudo-electrical work? It doesn't sound safe at all. The word "sconce" sounds like "scones" to me. I could really go for a orange cranberry scone from Caribou Coffee now.

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