Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dogs are the best, are they not? We all love them but don't always like to see (or smell) traces of them. This includes dog beds, toys, crates and their special "surprises." I know quite a few people who crate their dogs when they leave the house to prevent the latter. Crates are great (I appreciate unintentional rhyming), they keep pups safe and you have peace of mind.
But I doubt any of us love the look of the crate. It can really throw off the look you created in a beautiful room. Until now...

Thank you, Denhaus! The furniture designer has created dog crates that look and serve as end tables. They are beautiful and there is a design for every style. Here are just a couple of my favorites. But to add even more joy to this solution is the fact that for the next nine hours Denhaus is being featured on the fabulous sale site, Ideeli. We are talking major discounts, kiddos.

The ZenHaus

The Townhaus

Every dog needs a place of their very own.

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