Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Great Outdoors

One thing that our sweet little house is lacking is a patio. We have two Mulberry trees that offer a ton of shade (which can be rare in Midland) and would be perfect paired with a lovely new patio.

The kids over at Young House Love have given us inspiration this week. We don't need anything fancy. A simple outdoor tile or pavers are all we need. The tiles below are made of recycled tires and come in 18" squares.

What is really lovely though is the mix of concrete, stone and space between. A little outdoor inspiration for your Wednesday morning.

Stylechik and Simply Functional DIYers modern patio

Bocce Ball court modern landscape

Garden contemporary porch
contemporary porch design by seattle landscape architect ModernBackyard

Plus some killer patio furniture would be awesome too.

The Alfresco Grey Collection from Crate and Barrel is a perfect blend of mid-century, clean lines and modern comfort. Plus, all of their outdoor furniture is 15% off right now. Good thing that we don't have a patio yet!

When we get our patio underway I will let you know. For now, enjoy your own outdoor space while we enjoy our lawn-under-bum picnic style.

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