Sunday, July 4, 2010

In a month...

Stuff can happen in just one month. For instance, it has been exactly one month since I last posted. Sorry! I have been a bit busy. BF and I have moved back from the West Indies and have taken up residence in a kickin' loft apartment in downtown Dallas. It was originally built in 1926 and was Republic Bank for years until it became cool-kid lofts. (I am definitely not cool enough to live here but I'm having a blast decorating.)

The fun of decorating this very industrial space has been never ending. BF and I sold most of our furniture in Washington so we were left with a big need to do some dumpster diving. We decided up front that the couch would be our big purchase and that we wouldn't grab it off a curb somewhere in East Dallas (that's how I found BF's desk though!). We snagged a great mid-century influenced sofa at my new favorite furniture store, I.O. Metro. I got a great deal and it is a great piece.

PS - Happy Independence Day! Now go and try to stick to something safe and boring like BlackCats or Sparklers. Roman Candles scare the snot out of me.

But I will get to all of that in the next few days. We have so much to catch up on, friends! There have been moves, 10 year reunions, adorable babies and holidays since we last chatted. Please stay tuned I promise I will provide stories - some funny, some just funny to me.

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