Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Sailing, I Sail Now

Makes my lips numb just thinking about it...but that didn't stop BF and I from going sailing yesterday with our friends. Below is a reenactment of my day yesterday:

It was our last weekend in Trinidad before we go back to the States and our sweet pals took us out on their sail boat. I'm a motor boat kind of gal but we had a blast. Allow me to introduce the crew...

Co-Captains - Shannon & Jason

First Mate - Dalton

The "Crew"

BF the "Swashbuckler"

BF was super handy around the boat and was working hard, while I...

Did this.

Feet, BF above and me below.

In addition to sailing out to where we could see Venezuela in the distance we also saw pirates. Don't worry, we had plenty of rum and Chavez stayed on his side of the Dragon's Mouth.

Thanks to our friends for taking us sailing and for making our time in Trinidad fun and wonderful. We will miss you and can't wait to see you again for another adventure!

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