Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trinidad as The Cheat

To all my Homestar Runner friends out there, hewwo. Those of you who have no idea what I'm referring to, go here. Now. Hurry up!

Me and Homestar go back to my college days. We were tight. Many nights were spent with my friends (Mayes, that's you) hovering around the computer enjoying (peeing in our pants) Homestar Runner's antics and Strong Bad's emails.

Lucky for me, my husband doesn't think I'm a huge dork for enjoying harmless Internet cartoon fun. It takes one to know one and BF loves him some Homestar Runner and the gang too. All of this is leading up to the fact that we think that the island of Trinidad is shaped like The Cheat. Coincidence? I think not.
Exhibit A: The Cheat
Exhibit B: The Trinidad

This conspiracy - the the creators of Homestar Runner also created the Caribbean island of Trinidad - leads me to walk with a bounce in my step and a giggle on my face. Yes, it's possible. Giggle face.

What is The Cheat, you ask? In Email #60, Strong Bad described The Cheat as being, "a cheese, or maybe an anvil." Homestar Runner once identified The Cheat as a Trivial Pursuit cheese wedge in the episode, "Date Night." (I think you will appreciate that, Kate.)
He has no legs, flippers for arms (yet he can still type on his computer) and has a gold tooth that he doesn't like to show people.

The Cheat was hidden in a large egg containing a lifetime supply of fish sticks when he met Strong Bad(according to a Strong Bad flashback), no one knows when is birthday is but it is celebrated on April 18th, Cheatday, the date found on his Scandinavian fake I.D., he works at a tech company with Homestar and his favorite color is blue.

Happy belated birthday, The Cheat and cheers to the rest of the kids over in Homestar Runner land. What Homestar character is your county/ state/ country/ continent shaped like?

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