Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Photo?

Trinidad is amazing and many of you have been asking for photos and updates and I have a billion posts written (in my head) but nothing to post. Why??

This may sound lame but I left my camera at a friend's house and she is in the States until mid April. There are cool pics on that wee little camera on house arrest on the Northern Ridge.

The folks are coming down today and we will be having many more adventures and I will be sure to capture them on my back up camera. Stay tuned!

For now, enjoy a bit of locally loved Trini food. It's called Doubles and it is the messiest most delicious thing ever. You buy it off the street from a (sanitation inspected) street cart. It is some sort of crepe like bread with a mixture of chickpeas, spices and other "stuff" folded inside. You have to eat it right there on the street or else risk losing it to the floor of your car or it bonding with the wax paper it's wrapped in. It looks a bit like vomit but I'm pretty certain it isn't.


Jason said...
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Lauren said...

Ha, don't be hatin'. It is some of the yummiest stuff ever.