Monday, February 1, 2010

Now that's a Philly. Or is it?

This past week BF and I made the quick trip up to Philadelphia to see his god parents. They are the best host and hostess of ever. They have a lovely country home out in Pheonixville, that they call the "Creek Retreat." This home makes my little interior design heart flutter wildly.

Other than hanging out with our family friends and enjoying their standard poodle, Looey, we also played in the city. We started by going to Independence Hall and then to the Liberty Bell. I had never seen it and was quite impressed. Did I mention that the windchill was 5 degrees? Oh, it was. C-O-L-D.

Half-popped collar? That could be a thing. Or could it?

But that didn't stop us from taking a few fine self-portraits!

After soaking in some history we were jonesing for a cheesesteak and heard the place to go for all food is Reading Market Station. And it did not let us down. Imagine a mall but for food. And a great deal of Amish people. They make great food.
If you don't want to be a total tourist, make sure that you pronounce this correctly. It is "Redding," not "Reading." It's not your fault they don't know how to spell.

I heart shrimp. Some of these were as big as my face.

Whomever figured out that chocolate chip cookies could only be made better by dipping them in chocolate is my best friend.

There was even a sweet little used book shop in the market where BF found a treasure.

The whole trip was perfect, minus the blizzard that we drove through on the way back to D.C. But BF can even make that fun!