Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hooray for Love

BF and I are blessed to have the most amazing family. I'm sure your family is wonderful but our clan is perfect for us. Give them a hug, why don't you? People like hugs, sometimes strangers don't. Freaks them out. Just ask first.

My side.
His side.

All that is to say that our family helped us have a killer wedding weekend. Let's start with the wicked rad Rehearsal Dinner. Thank you, Mama D!

Location: Old Red Museum, Dallas, TX

Attire: Texas Chic

Here are a couple examples of "Texas Chic." Our sweet east coast guests had to call ahead of time for clarification on the term.

Notice the flowy dresses (Anthropologie), Wranglers, hats, and boots. But it is Dallas, after all, so the standard blazer and button-down for guys is always accepted. They were wearing boots, I assure you. And before you ask, these are our gorgeous and amazing friends. The pretty lady and feller in the blue plaid are taken but the other two are available ladies.

Food: El Chico Tex-Mex, yum

But it was so much more than just the food and location. My new mother-in-law inlisted my super creative and genius brother to create a few personalized touches throughout the museum. Starting with Mexican Movie-Themed posters starring BF and your's truly. The wedding party was listed as cast members and it was a total surprise. Super cool. Wait, there is more!

On each table you could find a chili pepper plant in an enchilada sauce can along with bottles of hot sauce. Cute enough, right? It gets even better, my brother worked with my MIL to have our faces photoshopped into the labels! Have to say that BF looks pretty "hot" with a mustache and sombraro. Get
I can't believe it either but it still gets better. BF's cousins wrote and performed a song for us. It made us both cry and we will treasure it forever. Another cousin created the best picture slide show that ran on loop throughout the evening. Thank you, cousins!

Then there were the toasts from BF's brother, the parents and MOH. All were perfect and precious. Thank you, friends and family! Then my brother gave a toast along with a special gift.

You may remember my previous posts that referred to the Old 97's and the lead singer Rhett Miller. Well some how, still not quite sure how, my brother was able to get him to sing a song to us and recorded it and played it at the rehearsal. Our pants went crazy, we nearly fainted, we sang along and then screamed with the sheer joy of it. Here it is, enjoy!

We hope that everyone had a great time. We sure did. Stay tuned for the wedding run down. There will be pie...

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