Friday, July 31, 2009

Kappa Alpha Theta Girl

Back in college I was a sorority girl. The University of Oklahoma is one of the biggest Greek schools around. I was a Theta, a little KAT. All through high school I used to go and spend weekends with my brother at OU. Luckily I didn't have to stay at the frat house (he was a Lambda Chi) or the "Flood House" that was shared with 5 other boys. My dear friends, I stayed at the Theta house.

Call me biased but the Theta house was the most lovely house on campus. It was like living in a fairly tale setting. The house slept 89 girls and was beautifully furnished and decorated. I always loved the French style of the house. It is nearly impossible to get a picture of the entire house because it is so big that you can't fit it all in the view finder.

This is just the front door and isn't even a 1/3 of the house.

845 Chautauqua Avenue became my home the second semester of my sophomore year and remained my home until my senior year. The house is big but the pledge classes were even bigger, mine had 93 girls in it. You could only be accepted to live in the house based on grades, points (earned by volunteering and participation in events) and attendance to chapter meetings. I figured that after living there for a couple of years it was another girls turn.

The best part about the house was the food, living in gorgeous quarters with your best friends and the Pink Couch. The Pink Couch was where you would wait for your date to pick you up. It was where you chatted with said boys after your date (no boys allowed upstairs). Countless conversations were held on the couch with your best girlfriends. It was a Theta staple. I have no idea how old it is or who bought it for the house but I loved it. And apparently it is leaving!

Two fellow Theta alums went to the house recently to pick up our beloved couch with their little legacies in tow. These two girls were the prettiest, sweetest and coolest girls in Theta and I can think of no better place for the big Pink Couch to live than in one of their houses. Here they are picking it up to take it to its new home at Sarah's house. They are still the prettiest girls around.

Pink Couch and Friends.

Thanks to Sarah and Taryn for saving the couch and for blogging about its fate.


sofife said...

Wow, that is very interesting. Please tell me more about the theta house and the pink couch.

Lauren said...

Some people like couches. I try to please my very few readers. Good luck with Nicole.

Sarah Heinecke said...

Well aren't you a sweetie pie, Lauren!!!!!!! Thank you!! I am excited that the couch will live on... I will take good care of it! Theta love! ;)