Sunday, July 19, 2009

Frame it

My Mom and I have been trying to do decorate the reception space as much as we can ourselves. Brainstorming and throwing out creative ideas has been a ton of fun as my mama has been blessed with both the brainy and creative genes. She is a one-woman show!

BF and I chose the Stoneleigh Hotel for our wedding reception and it is spectacular. We have rented out the Penthouse, which is no ordinary penthouse but the home of the original owner of the hotel in the 1930s. It is a home. We figure that the decor will be pretty easy. The space is gorgeous that it needs little embellishment anyways. Our goal is to make it look like it is our house.

That is where the creative kids come in. Mama and I figure that we will just strategically place votive candles every where along with framed photos of the BF and me, along with family and friends. Rather than buy a bunch of expensive frames Mama has been on the look out at her local thrift stores for frames with interesting textures and shapes. When she finds these, usually at the whopping price of $.25, she scoops them up and takes them home to be painted. All of the frames will be white and should stand out nicely against.
Check out her before & after weekend painting project...


Pretty good, huh?

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